Saturday, January 30

how did i miss this?

i realize that i am super late to this party. ok, so the party's over and all that's left are empty solo cups and dried queso, but spending the latter part of my evening searching for "nitrogen cycle" videos, led to more exciting ventures....

which brings me to the greatness of jason bateman and michael cera. arrested development, cancelled after 3 seasons. remind me again who's making these decisions?
arrested development
eli stone

but the simpsons is still around?

nevermind, i'm off to watch juno.

Saturday, January 2

a house divided

just last summer, i was so *sniff* so proud.......

where, oh where did i go wrong?

a) i am a proud fightin' texas aggie class of '96. well, ok, '98.

b) since moving back to lubbock, my children have turned their backs on me and choose to wreck 'em rather than gig 'em

c) today is the alamo bowl that is being played after much mike leach controversy
and they still sport the red & black
so yes,

e. king gill is rolling over in his grave.
i do fear ol' army lou will be showing up on my doorstep soon to ask for my 12th man towel. tortillas anyone?

Friday, January 1



in the event that anyone still checks in on bigdwilsons......

bigdwilsons have become hubcitywilsons. well, in name anyways. much like my 214 phone number, i'm reluctant to change the name of the blog.......after all,
home is where the blog is.

resolution: keep up blog!

Friday, April 17

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.....

oh that skyline. not to sound too lisa douglas, but
over the past 10 years, this has been home. we'll be leaving soon, and before this
(cue theme to green acres)
becomes my new skyline, let me leave you with a few of MY favorite things that i will miss........
(besides the family and friends that will hold down the fort until we return!)

1. sportsradio 1310. so much more than sports talk!

2. howdy folks! welcome to the great state fair of texas!

3. nothing beats running white rock lake. does this mean i'll need to run the marathon every year to get my fix? yikes!

4. i am NOT a shopper, but this place has the best gear.....and clothes.

5. where will i buy my shoes now? academy?

6. speaking of shopping, have you seen the shoe selection here?

7. ah, the KC pool. this was going to be my summer to leave the kiddie pool. oh i'll be back. i'll be back.

8. bishop arts district in oak cliff. somehow south lubbock just isn't the same as south dallas.

9. while the kids have put a pause on our visits, they don't do a lot of pixar here, i do love the theatre.

10. central market! the olive bar. the salsa bar. the cheese. the tortillas! argh!

but, that is a great segway to my next top 10 favorite places to eat in big D. that list will take a while to make. or at least, pare down.